Get to know me!

Well to start out my name is Shannon Dermody and I am 20 years old. I am a Photographer in the 607 area.  This May I graduated Antonelli Institute in Philly. 

I want to let you know I am awful with grammar and not the best writer if you have not noticed already. I do try my best! I am very honest and not ashamed.

My future goals are to become an Art Therapist and a freelance Photographer! I want to help inspire people, help people not feel alone and hopefully closure.

I love Photography and If I am not photographing everything infront of me I am cuddling 1 or more of my cats. I own 7! They are my babies. I also have a dog named Buster who is a Italian Cane Corso. 

I am not entirely sure what else to say! 

Shannon Dermody